GifX: The latest Evolution of The Animated Gif

GIFs have been around for years. In fact most people don’t know that Gifs are over 29 years old. Yes; you can say, they are actually older than internet itself. However in recent years Gifs have infiltrated the mainstream consciousness in a major way. If we look almost 10 years back and analyze GIF’s popularity, you will find the use of gifs was not that popular. People were using them here and there, but not everyday as we do to express ourselves over text messages or create art in today’s times. The primary use of the GIF was for cinema-graphics to be used in movie production. However, within the past few years, the GIF trend has become increasingly popular. Now, using a GIF is not only limited to cinema makers, but it has caught on with the mainstream as well.

GIFs are impacting the world

Today everyone is using GIFs for artistic, entertainment, or marketing purposes. For businesses and marketers, using a GIF has become one of the best ways to reach their audience and boost engagement. Marketers are beginning to include more GIFs into their marketing strategy. GIFs are becoming more prevalent by the day and are having a profound impact on social media and photography in general. In photography there a multitude of GIF apps for individuals that people are using to share their own created GIFs on social media. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, all have seen a constant rise in the use of GIFs across all their platforms.  The Gif phenomenon has forced them to introduce GIF search in addition to regular search. People are downloading GIFs from these platforms  to liven up their conversations with friends and family. We have even bloggers choose the GIF over the use of the traditional photo which has helped to make their content more dynamic.

GIfX is an evolution in the animated gif world

After launching Photo Candy a popular photo editing app that has more than 5 million downloads, DNA Apps has launched a new photo and video editing app – “Gifx”.  GifX is an evolution of the animated gif. It is a photo and video editing application for iPhone users that allows users to express themselves in ways that were not possible with GIFs before. It helps even the most novice user to find and create his or her own GIFs easily. With Gifx users can create their own fun animated GIFs.


What does GifX bring to fans of the Gif?

GifX has been well received as it has a 4.5 star rating out of 5 with over 1 million downloads. The best thing about the app is that a user can add his favorite music to his edited photos/videos and can share it on his favorite social media website. The app has more than 200 amazing gif effects from psychedelic, fractals, memes, and cute animals that a user can apply to his photos and videos. If this is not enough a user can access giphy.comto search through their millions of gifs in their database. If a user creates their own Gifs they can also import them directly from their camera roll.


Features of GifX that makes it stand different from other GIF Apps:

Features of GifX that makes it stand different from other GIF Apps

  1. It has over 100+ masks to customize your GIF effects with
  2. Users can save edited photos or videos as a movie file or a GIF file
  3. Users can easily add animated GIF effects to their photos & videos directly from your camera roll or from
  4. The user can add fun animated GIFs & music to photos & videos.
  5. Users can customize GIFs by changing the opacity and size with a simple pinch.
  6. Gifx also allows users to mask out specific areas of the GIF for another level of creativity.

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